Saturday, 5 May 2012

Los Angeles, Where Weird People Go.

Full Disclosure: I've never been to Los Angeles. Mind you, I'm not one to try things that I do not like. I'm not going to eat horse, despite President Obama's personal recommendation to me via the internet. I'm not going to read The Hunger Games despite the mad shout-out in Justin Bieber's take on "Call Me Maybe."

Seriously, are these kids not the coolest kids that you know? I'd hang out with Ashley Tisdale.

With all of this said, Los Angeles seems like an awful place to live and I have no intention of ever visiting that part of California.

But, it must be one hell of a time to be an LA Sports Fan.

The Kings are up 3-0 over the Blues and should make the Conference Finals as an 8 Seed.

The Lakers are up 2-1 over the Nuggets, and hell, even the Clippers are holding their own.

The Dodgers are the second best team in baseball (tied) and Matt Kemp is going God-Mode on opposing pitching. Twelve Home Runs is absurd.

Also, there's a fucking super moon tonight. SUPER MOON!

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