Sunday, 15 April 2012

Drabek on the Mound: Redux

Before Drabek's start, I posted words on the internet.

What I'd Like To See Today:
  1. Continued control over the change-up.
  1. Improved control on the sinker.
  1. Some whiffs on the bender which he only threw five times against the Red Sox
Let's go ahead and peg Drabek for 7IP, 3ER, 6K, 3BB. You'd take that, right?
I would say that Drabek outperformed my optimistic guestimate with his 7.1 IP, 2R, 1ER, 1BB, 6K performance.

Now, to the points:

The Drabek Change-Up:

Hot damn. Drabek threw eleven change-ups and didn't disappoint. It again had terrific sink to it and managed a swinging strike rate of just under 45%. Dirty.

The Drabek Two-Seamer:

I would say throwing 40 two-seamers and getting 27 strikes aint all that shabby. Toss in an average velocity of 93.7mph and it's pretty gosh-darn good. Drabek only managed three swing and misses on the sinker, but the pitch was incredibly effective for him.

The Drabek Breaking Pitch:

Drabek only threw fourteen breaking pitches, but managed strikes on eight of 'em. Of course, he only got whiffs on two of those fourteen pitches, but he really didn't to use the bender as an out-pitch.

All and all, a pretty impressive outing.  Here's some brooks' data to sort through:

Pitch Statistics
Pitch TypeAvg SpeedMax SpeedAvg H-BreakAvg V-BreakCountStrikes / %Swinging Strikes / %Linear WeightsTime to Plate
FF (FourSeam Fastball)93.4195.3-3.647.193421 / 61.76%1 / 2.94%1.64530.402
CH (Changeup)84.9986.8-6.801.19116 / 54.55%5 / 45.45%-0.16440.439
SL (Slider)80.6481.74.39-4.4495 / 55.56%2 / 22.22%-0.90090.463
CU (Curveball)80.4281.64.06-4.3153 / 60.00%0 / 0.00%-0.41570.465
FC (Cutter)90.9091.90.214.0941 / 25.00%0 / 0.00%-0.61740.408
FT (TwoSeam Fastball)93.7695.2-8.044.864027 / 67.50%3 / 7.50%-0.76510.401

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