Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Henderson Alvarez: Opening Night

Alvarez still isn't striking batters out, but he was once again quite effective. The dip in velocity was to be expected, I suppose:


The pfx camera for this game was a bit whacky and gave Alvarez one hell of an arsenal.

Pitch TypeAvg SpeedMax SpeedAvg H-BreakAvg V-BreakCountStrikes / %Swinging Strikes / %Linear WeightsTime to Plate
FF (FourSeam Fastball)93.0196.5-6.16-3.083221 / 65.63%1 / 3.13%0.09180.397
CH (Changeup)84.6286.9-4.10-6.08138 / 61.54%0 / 0.00%-0.73180.435
SL (Slider)85.4589.42.77-3.361911 / 57.89%1 / 5.26%-0.57620.432
FC (Cutter)94.7595.4-1.530.3021 / 50.00%0 / 0.00%-0.01350.389
FT (TwoSeam Fastball)93.2495.9-9.07-4.352918 / 62.07%0 / 0.00%-0.44030.398

Those are some pretty heavy pitches, and should probably be adjusted about six-to-seven inches upwards on the vertical axis (this set doesnt include gravity).

Even still, Alvarez got quality movement. I was strangely surprised by his cutter last night, it's not a terrible pitch and gets pretty solid movement compared to his two-seamer. Definitely, the biggest problem is Alvarez's lack of swinging strikes: Two combined swinging strikes is a bit of a problem, even if you are getting tonnes of groundballs.

Furthermore, it is just one game, but it was nice to see Alvarez go to the slide-piece fairly often.

The fans also turned on the Blue Jays quick-fast. It's too be expected given that this is Maple Leaf country.

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