Monday, 5 March 2012

The Big League Club: Outfield

Apparently consecutive forty-plus home run seasons is enough to garner international attention and cement Jose Bautista as Toronto's starting right fielder. Bautista remains true to his working class roots, though. He still puts his pants on one leg at a time, shills Canadian not American products, and hides his spontaneous erections with the closest possible suitable object whilst acting utterly oblivious just like the rest of us. Even with a solid dose of regression, it's safe to pencil Bautista in for a .275/.400/.550 triple-slash line in 2012. 

After Bautista, there's a good dose of uncertainty, but youth should be well served. Toronto boasts two former top-prospects in Colby Rasmus and Travis Snider. It certainly seems like Rasmus and Snider have been around for years, but they're still just 25 and 24 years old, respectively. In context, Eric Thames debuted just last year and is roughly the same age as the aforementioned duo. By all accounts, the battle for the starting left-field gig is an open competition between Snider and Thames.

Despite down-years in 2011, it's probably a safe bet to assume that either Ben Francisco or Rajai Davis will muster up close to a one-win season in 2012. Francisco provides a decent amount of pop and Davis gives Farrell the ability to inject speed into the line-up at any given moment. Davis' ability to hit lefties at a career mark of .292/.350/.411 combined with Thames' and Snider's struggles against southpaws should afford Rajai quality playing time (even if those southpaws tend to be of the Sabathia, Lester, Price, Moore, and Britton variety). 

Mike McCoy also exists.

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