Friday, 23 March 2012

A Journey Through Dynasty Town: Final Days

I'm in a league. You keep players, thirty of 'em, for as long as you see fit. The original draft order was snake, but to keep things fair (and it's worked) we just do a straight draft (non-snake) with the last place team drafting first in each round. The position requirements are three of every position with eight outfielders and 9 SPs with 8 RPs.

So far, here's the buckets:

Sure Things, Gotta Keep

Matt Kemp - OF
Carlos Gonzalez - OF
Dustin Pedroia - 2B
Ian Kinsler - 2B
Giancarlo Stanton - OF
Clayton Kershaw - SP
Starlin Castro - SS
Carlos Santana - C
Cole Hamels - SP
Pablo Sandoval - 3B,1B
David Price - SP
Adrian Beltre - 3B
David Wright - 3B
Elvis Andrus - SS
Yovani Gallardo- SP
Hunter Pence - OF
Jonathan Papelbon - RP
John Axford - RP
Drew Storen - RP
Mike Napoli - C
Shin-Soo Choo - OF
Jesus Montero - C
Drew Stubbs - OF
Brandon Beachy - SP
Cory Luebke - RP,SP
Derek Holland - SP
Brandon Belt - 1B, OF

Catcher: 3/3
1st Base: 1/3
2nd Base: 2/3
3rd Base: 3/3
Shortstop: 2/3
Outfield: 6/8
Starting Pitcher: 7/9
Relief Pitcher: 3/8

Kinda Maybe Sorta, I Wanna

Ike Davis - I desperately need first basemen, and I really like Davis despite this whole Valley Fever crap.
Logan Morrison - LoMo is certainly my kind of player and he's probably in a fight for the third keeper spot. I value him a bit more than the rest of the guys, so he might be tossed.
Derek Jeter - It's really hard to let go of Jeter, despite hating him.
Nick Markakis - I am giving up on Markakis this year.
Colby Rasmus - I wanna believe, but can't.
Chase Utley - Like Jeter, Utley was one of my original draftees and we have multiple DL spots. I'm just not sure if he's keepable at this point over guys like Davis and Morrison.
Carlos Marmol - Saves are always a pain in the ass to come across, especially year to year.
Aroldis Chapman - If Chapman didn't have options left, I'd probably keep him. He's got all sorts of upside, but I can't deal with him starting in the minors.
Joe Nathan - He'll probably get a few saves, but I don't even think he's the second best pitcher in the Rangers' Pen.
Brian Matusz - He's throwing hard again and he's young. It's hard to cut bait after keeping him last year.
Neftali Feliz - Feliz has always been kept and I really wish they would've started him years ago. This shoulder stuff worries me.
Adam Dunn - He's struck out once this spring and I gotta good feeling about a nice little bounce back. One of my selections in the earlier drafts.
Edwin Jackson - I think he does well in Washington. Who knows, though.
Dayan Vicideo - He's got power, but at this point, I can't keep him.
Brett Myers - I should be able to find cheap saves, I'd imagine. Can't keep him.

Andrew Cashner - Cashner is very intriguing to me. I like his chances of absolutely dominating in the San Diego Pen for a very, very long time.
Mike Montgomery - Montgomery had an awful year, but I still think he's one of the better lefty arms in the minors.

Edison Volquez - I'm high on him, but not that high.
Roy Oswalt - Ugh.

Naw, Can't Do It
Tim Stauffer, Ryan Dempster, Jonathon Niese, Mike Leake, Koji Uehara, Aaron Harang, Bartolo Colon, Derek Lowe, Peter Bourjos, Emilio Bonafacio, Carlos Pena, James Loney, Alcides Escobar, Russell Martin, Paul Goldschmidt (cannot keep.)

So who do you keep? I need three guys from the Maybe List (or thirty guys in total if you think I'm a moron)

Keep in mind, I am keeping closers. There is no talking me out of it. I gotta do it.

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